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Wilmar's international experience at Marktlink Copenhagen

“Getting the chance to go to Copenhagen for six months, a little over a year after my first day at Marktlink, was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass over. Despite my fairly limited time at Marktlink, I had already seen a lot, working from the Drachten office. That’s typical of Marktlink, you’re given a lot of responsibility and you’re part of the full process from the start. Here in Copenhagen, I can pass my experience on to my colleagues Mads Yrfelt and Christian Arndt, who form the Danish team with managing partner Jesper Fogh Duelund.”

“In the Netherlands, you benefit tremendously from working with experienced consultants. In Denmark that intermediate layer is still missing and my role will be to help Mads and Christian in their development as consultants, literally from drawing up an information memorandum up to support in making ‘cold calls’ and anything else the guys have questions about. I think it’s great that I can work on my own development that way, and in a whole new environment.”

“Old habits don’t count in a city where, apart from your colleagues, you don’t know anyone. From day one, I invested energy into building my own network. You need to be a little assertive, and I have that in me. I met some really nice people. Copenhagen is really open-minded: international and yet relatively small and local. There are good concerts, I like going to football matches of FC Copenhagen and next month, I will run the half-marathon here.”

“As it happens, my sister Alma is in Copenhagen as well. We see more of each other now than back home in the Netherlands, because Groningen and Rotterdam, where she lives, are quite far apart. My sister is following in my father’s footsteps, he has his own lawyer’s office. I entered a law degree course once, and hated it, so succession isn’t coming from me. Eventually, I studied International Business and obtained both a minor and a master in Finance. Through my study association, I came across Marktlink and I decided to apply.”

“This is my first official job, and I really like it. At Marktlink, being appreciated, short lines of communication and an open atmosphere with a lot of room to develop are guaranteed. From day one, you feel that you have something to add and that really sets Marktlink apart. I intend to stay here as long as possible, to keep developing as consultant and manager. This adventure here in Copenhagen has taught me so much already, I see it as a great stepping stone towards my professional growth to become Consultant 2.”

“That growth will continue in the Netherland, because after six months, my time in Copenhagen is about to come to an end. I will always have foreign ambitions. An experience like this is not just good for your personal social development, it is also a great asset to your professional career. I will be taking it back to Drachten, and from there, we’ll see what my next step at Marktlink will be. The great thing about Marktlink is how they’re always willing to advise and help you, that gives you a lot of confidence.”