Bernhard van den Ende

'Marktlink unlocks the maximum potential of their employees'
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Transitioning from Legal to Corporate Finance

I completed my master's degrees in Business Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Accounting & Control from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Throughout my studies, I gained valuable experience in accounting and auditing at various (Big Four) firms. Initially, I aspired to pursue a career in M&A law following my legal degree. However, a two-month internship at the corporate M&A practice group of NautaDutilh opened my eyes. I discovered that while the legal aspect of M&A focused on the 'back end' of deals, corporate finance played a more significant role at the 'front end', sparking my interest in this dynamic field.

The Coffee Encounter that Changed My Career

My journey to Marktlink showcases the company’s unique culture. It started at the opening party of a mutual acquaintance's business, where I met Nick de Man from Marktlink's Amsterdam office. Despite having never met, our conversation flowed effortlessly, prompting a coffee meet-up at Marktlink's office. Following engaging discussions and three subsequent interviews, I eagerly signed my contract with Marktlink in November 2022.

Embracing Responsibility

At Marktlink, I cherish the substantial responsibility and autonomy granted from day one. In the corporate finance realm, where autonomy is a rarity, being a full-fledged team member from the outset allowed me to manage my schedule efficiently. Marktlink's flat organizational structure facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, fostering a positive atmosphere and accelerating my learning curve. Direct client interaction, particularly with SMEs, deepens my understanding of their needs and goals, enriching both my professional growth and overall satisfaction.

A New Chapter and its Challenges

Upon learning of plans to establish a Transaction Services division, I recognised the potential synergy with my background. Initially hesitant about a permanent change, I soon realised it was the right move. Joining this 'start-up' within Marktlink in January 2024 has been incredibly fulfilling. Our team has already doubled in size, with further expansion on the horizon. Though establishing this new division presents challenges, it's an exciting venture, and I not once have regretted the decision. Ambitious individuals find countless opportunities at Marktlink, affirmed by a friend who started based on my recommendation, highlighting the welcoming environment and support.