Lisanne Hermeler

'Working at Marktlink has been enriching and a valuable learning experience'
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Continuous Learning and Development

My journey with Marktlink began in 2021 as a marketing intern, where I played a role in organizing events and initiating marketing activities for our international offices. Over six months, I was thrilled with the knowledge gained and the opportunities Marktlink presented. This led me to continue as a working student, balancing two days a week alongside completing my thesis. Focused on supporting the growth of our international offices, I embraced the challenges and experiences Marktlink offered. Upon completing my thesis successfully, I was offered a permanent position, a decision I made without hesitation.

Opportunities for Professional Growth

Marktlink provides abundant opportunities for professional advancement. Starting as an intern, I quickly assumed more responsibilities. Marktlink's trust in its employees and its clear growth vision enabled me to understand my career trajectory. Whether through undertaking new projects, participating in events, or seeking mentorship from seasoned colleagues, Marktlink encourages proactive involvement in personal and professional growth. Progressing in my role, I found myself orchestrating marketing campaigns and collaborating with diverse, cross-border teams. Marktlink's supportive atmosphere and commitment to employee development have empowered me to embrace fresh challenges and continually evolve in my career.

Excitement for Marktlink's Future

What excites me most about Marktlink is the shared ambition among colleagues. The collective drive to enhance Marktlink fuels its growth. We all strive for success and revel in each other's achievements, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. As Marktlink expands its reach into new markets and delves into innovative projects, the potential for growth and impact knows no bounds. I am enthusiastic about contributing to a company that values ambition, collaboration, and excellence, and I eagerly anticipate playing a role in Marktlink's ongoing success.