Dr. Andreas Bonnard

'Embracing alignment and seizing opportunities, my journey with Marktlink is a testament to the power of shared values and collaborative growth'
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As a Managing Partner at Marktlink, the role transcends the ordinary in the financial sector. Guiding owners and investors through M&A transactions to foster business growth is a profound privilege, coupled with immense satisfaction. We interviewed Dr. Andreas Bonnard, our Managing Partner in München, Germany, to talk about his career journey, aspirations, and insights into working at Marktlink.

Embarking on my journey with Marktlink followed a fulfilling career spanning over two decades across various M&A consulting firms. It reached its pinnacle with the establishment of my own M&A consulting boutique, where I dedicated seven fruitful years.

Discovery and Alignment

Marktlink's presence remained unfamiliar to me in Germany until a headhunter introduced it to my radar. Eager to broaden my network, I engaged in discussions. To my delight, these conversations unveiled a remarkable alignment between Marktlink's culture and my own business ethos. Particularly, its authentic and direct approach with clients, coupled with a strong emphasis on employee well-being, resonated deeply with me, reminding me of my formative years at Arthur Andersen. Today, my enthusiasm for Marktlink and its team reverberates through my interactions with clients and my own team members.

Seamless Transition

While establishing a new office within a company already boasting over 250 colleagues presents unique challenges, my transition to Marktlink was remarkably seamless. This smooth journey owes much to the company's well-honed processes and extensive experiences in establishing new offices across diverse geographical landscapes.

Vision as Managing Partner

In my role as Managing Partner, my vision extends far beyond personal development. I aspire to share my wealth of experiences with colleagues in other offices while spearheading Marktlink's ascent as a cornerstone in Munich and Bavaria, both on prestigious league tables and within the realm of M&A consultancy talent. Our overarching ambition is to cement Marktlink's stature as a formidable player in the German M&A arena and to reinforce our footprint across Europe.

Choosing Marktlink

Marktlink distinguishes itself through a unique fusion of entrepreneurial freedom within a framework supported by a robust brand name, an expansive network, and an unparalleled track record of deal-making prowess.

Reflecting on my decision to join Marktlink, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the company's growth narrative. Through unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts, I eagerly anticipate steering Marktlink's trajectory and leaving an enduring legacy on its journey forward.