Cédric Tijmes

'I can confidently say that its company culture aligns perfectly with my own'
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Discovering Corporate Finance

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business, followed by a master’s degree in Corporate Finance at the University of Amsterdam, I was drawn to a career in mergers and acquisitions due to its fusion of social finesse and financial acumen. The dynamic nature of M&A, where each deal presents unique challenges and opportunities, intrigued me. Seeking hands-on experience, I embarked on a 5-month internship followed by a year of work at a reputable finance firm but realised I was searching for greater autonomy and a broader range of experiences. It was then that I discovered Marktlink.

Embracing Entrepreneurship and Freedom

At Marktlink, the spirit of entrepreneurship and boldness thrives. Here, I have the chance to be involved in deals from the very start, working closely with passionate business owners to help them secure the best deal possible. Being able to explore different industries has really helped me grow both personally and professionally. But what makes Marktlink special is the way we all support each other. There's a real sense of teamwork and friendship among colleagues, which makes every day enjoyable and keeps us motivated. One of the best parts of my job is celebrating successful deals with colleagues and business owners at our Closing dinner. It's a time for us to relax, look back on our hard work, and feel proud of what we've achieved together.

Continuous Learning and Development

For me, continuous learning and development have been essential aspects of my journey at Marktlink. I deeply value the proactive approach the company takes in supporting employee growth through various courses, workshops, and personalised guidance from my manager. This commitment to nurturing talent has played a pivotal role in my professional evolution, empowering me to continually enhance my skills and expertise as a dealmaker. Marktlink's culture of learning and self-improvement ensures that I am equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in my role, driving both my individual success and the success of the organisation.