Jesper Duelund

'It's the down-to-earth mentality that I enjoy: pragmatic, focused on delivering results while finding joy in our work'
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As a Managing Partner at Marktlink, the role transcends the ordinary in the financial sector. Guiding owners and investors through M&A transactions to foster business growth is a profound privilege, coupled with immense satisfaction. We interviewed Jesper Duelund, our Managing Partner in Copenhagen, Denmark, to talk about his career journey, aspirations, and insights into working at Marktlink.

Prior to joining Marktlink, I gained valuable experience working at two other M&A firms. However, what drew me to Marktlink was the opportunity to establish my own M&A firm from the ground up in Denmark, within a well-respected company that shares my values and vision for growth.

A Beacon of Values and Ambition

Marktlink embodies a down-to-earth mentality that aligns seamlessly with my own values. It's pragmatic, focused on delivering tangible results while finding joy in our work. Engaging with top-tier entrepreneurs, we navigate pivotal decisions and forge personal connections, recognizing the emotional significance imbued in each deal. At Marktlink, teamwork is paramount, with each team member's unique talents valued and respected.

Nurturing Talent

Managing a team of young consultants is invigorating. Their boundless ambition and drive inspire me daily. They share my enthusiasm for building up the company and exhibit an unwavering work ethic. I learn from them constantly, whether it's gaining new perspectives, innovative ideas, or witnessing their relentless dedication to our shared goals.

My future goals, both personally and professionally, revolve around growth. I envision Marktlink evolving into a distinguished M&A boutique spanning Denmark and the broader Nordic region, with a distinct cross-border dimension. With our current setup, I believe we're well-positioned to realize this vision.

'Work Hard, Play Hard'

The 'Work Hard, Play Hard' ethos seamlessly integrates into the daily responsibilities of Managing Partners at Marktlink. Ultimately, it's about the outcomes we achieve. Mistakes are viewed as stepping stones for learning and improvement. At Marktlink, we cultivate an environment where mutual support fosters continuous growth in deal-making expertise.

Why Marktlink?

Working at Marktlink as a Managing Partner provides unparalleled opportunity to not only engage in deal-making but also to construct a tangible business from scratch. Here, you have the autonomy to assemble and nurture your team, backed by unwavering support from our esteemed organization. It's a perfect blend of entrepreneurship and camaraderie, where Marktlink consistently champions its team members.