Borys Storck

'Marktlink offers the chance to be an entrepreneur, leading and expanding the team and operations in Germany'
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As a Managing Partner at Marktlink, the role transcends the ordinary in the financial sector. Guiding owners and investors through M&A transactions to foster business growth is a profound privilege, coupled with immense satisfaction. We interviewed Borys Storck, our Managing Partner in Düsseldorf, Germany, to talk about his career journey, aspirations, and insights into working at Marktlink.

Prior to joining Marktlink, I held a directorial position at another corporate house. However, the allure of Marktlink's offer to become an entrepreneur, taking charge of building a team and expanding the organization in Germany, proved irresistible. The opportunity to chart my own course and contribute to Marktlink's growth trajectory, buoyed by robust support, was too compelling to ignore.

The Entrepreneurial Playground

Marktlink epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit that resonates deeply with my values and ambitions. Here, the emphasis is not just on completing deals but doing so with excellence and precision. The company's culture encourages autonomy, accountability, and a willingness to embrace both successes and setbacks. It's an environment where innovation thrives, and every team member is empowered to make impactful decisions.

Nurturing Young Talent

Managing a team of young consultants at Marktlink is an immensely gratifying experience. While I impart knowledge about M&A, the intrinsic motivation and drive of each consultant are the real driving forces behind our success. Witnessing their enthusiasm and dedication serves as a constant reminder of the importance of passion and determination in achieving professional milestones.

My future goals are simple yet ambitious—grow, grow, grow! I am deeply committed to fostering Marktlink's expansion and success as a company, viewing it as the ideal platform for my own personal career advancement. The prospect of contributing to Marktlink's continued growth trajectory while furthering my professional development excites me immensely.

Embracing the 'Work Hard, Play Hard' Ethos

At Marktlink, the 'Work Hard, Play Hard' ethos is more than just a mantra—it's a way of life. While our daily responsibilities as Managing Partners demand dedication and diligence, we also recognize the value of balance and camaraderie. Embracing a culture that encourages learning from mistakes and supporting each other fosters an environment where both professional and personal growth thrive.

Why Marktlink?

I wholeheartedly recommend joining Marktlink as a Managing Partner for one simple reason—it offers an unparalleled opportunity to be part of Europe's fastest-growing M&A powerhouse. At Marktlink, you're not just a part of a team; you're part of a dynamic community driven by dedication, innovation, and mutual support. Joining Marktlink means embarking on a journey of professional fulfillment and accomplishment, where every success is celebrated, and every challenge is embraced as an opportunity for growth.