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In the past period, Vincent Van Tilborg and Anthony Leroy have completed internships in the Antwerp team. We would like to thank them for their efforts. Are you considering an internship at Marktlink? Both gentlemen will tell you about their experience. Vincent: “This past summer I had the pleasure of doing an internship in Antwerp. During the internship I learned a lot about the SME landscape in Belgium and what the consequences are of the macro-economic effects on the different sectors. On the other hand, I also got the time to make financial models which in my case has a high value. Valuing companies, analyzing sectors and drafting memorandums will certainly be of value to me in the future.”

Anthony: “I had the pleasure of doing a 3-month summer internship at Martklink Antwerp. The first weeks were hard work, many deadlines had to be met and late hours were no exception. It was nice to be part of a team that works so passionately towards common goals and also consistently achieves results. Making prospect pitches and IM’s provided an unprecedented increase in my PowerPoint and Excel skills and a better understanding of the transaction process. During the last weeks of the summer months, a traditionally quieter period, I was given the freedom to work on my financial skills throughout my professional duties. A great help was the presence of professionals who could answer my questions and provide depth. For example, I learned to model different valuation models from A-Z.”

Vincent: “I would like to thank my pleasant colleagues for the effort put in to make the internship interesting on the one hand but also for the nice cooperation and the good atmosphere that was always present. I am sure, or at least I hope, that we will be in touch in the future and that we will meet again professionally and privately.”

Anthony: “I would like to thank the Antwerp team for the very pleasant and informative last months. It was genuinely nice to work in such a passionate and cheerful environment. Thank you for your patience and help with my questions. M&A is a not too big world and I am sure we will meet again.”