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Svens' international experience at Marktlink Denmark

“I didn’t hesitate for a second when HR launched its new International M&A Assignment. They were looking for a consultant who was willing to relocate to Copenhagen for six months, to help build the newly opened office there. At the time, I had been with Marktlink for over a year and had had a gut feeling that an opportunity to gain international experience would present itself. And when that happened, I seized it with both hands.”

“What followed were meetings with HR and of course with Jesper Fogh Duelund, Marktlink Denmark’s Managing Partner. I was able to motivate convincingly why I wanted to do this. Naturally, it had a lot to do with my professional development, but I’m also very internationally-minded personally. On top of that, as a starting consultant you’re not part of a fixed team yet, to be able to learn from many different colleagues. It makes such a step easier.”

Contribute to international growth “I never actually considered any reasons not to do it. The interesting M&A deals in the Netherlands that I may have missed just don’t outweigh everything this incredible experience in this wonderful city has given me. It’s awesome to contribute to Marktlink’s international growth and its ‘kickstart’ in Copenhagen in particular.” “My tasks are very diverse: from getting the Marktlink DNA across to my Danish colleagues to deal sourcing and handling acquisition processes. And I absolutely have value to add, because I can train Danish colleagues as well as link Danish contacts and opportunities to Marktlink’s current and internationally expanding network.”

Trust and responsibilities “I really appreciate that Marktlink offers such programmes to young consultants. It says a lot about the trust and responsibilities you get as a starting consultant. And personally, it’s great to find your way in a new city, among the locals. You need to be up for a challenge, and maybe a bit self-willed to do this. In this respect, Marktlink’s motto – work hard, play hard – suits my attitude perfectly. And once I’ve returned to the Netherlands, new M&A challenges are sure to cross my path soon.”