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I like to tell people that I work in the nicest secretarial team there is. It consists of five professionals who work together to support all of the project teams within Marktlink. Marktlink is a young and dynamic employer. Words like that always sound nice and fine, but in this case, they’re true. No two years in the past ten have been the same: innovation is always the name of the game in the company, including in my own field of expertise and when it comes to improving ways of working. Marktlink is moving right along with the times, and it has made great strides altogether this year, particularly in ICT. And now I can proudly say that I have been working for this great company for almost 11 years. It has certainly lived up to my expectations: I work with top-notch professionals and have been given a lot of opportunities to develop my potential further. 

Cooperation and close engagement are hallmarks of the company. Everyone at Marktlink has their own tasks to be getting on with, but together we make the best deals happen, starting from the first welcome at one of our offices all the way through to pop the cork when the transfer is actually effected. And do I get a kick out of all this? You betcha.

In addition to all their hard work, Marktlinkers are always up for a party or a teambuilding event. For example, making a trip in beautiful old cars, rafting, waterskiing, visiting concerts, and various ski trips in Austria. Nice memories that we often talk about during the daily lunch together.