Tom Beltman

'We don't just support entrepreneurs; we wholeheartedly embrace an entrepreneurial mindset at Marktlink'
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As a Managing Partner at Marktlink, the role transcends the ordinary in the financial sector. Guiding owners and investors through M&A transactions to foster business growth is a profound privilege, coupled with immense satisfaction. We interviewed Tom Beltman, one of our Managing Partner in the Netherlands to talk about his career journey, aspirations, and insights into working at Marktlink.

A Journey of Enterprising Spirit

Marktlink marked the beginning of my professional journey, straight out of school. Despite initially planning to stay for just a few years to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations, I soon realized that Marktlink offered the perfect platform to channel my drive. Growing up as a farmer's son, business acumen was ingrained in me from a young age. My parents instilled in me the values of enterprise and the art of being a trader. Together with my brother, we ran a rabbit farm, and during my studies, I founded a research bureau. Seeking an environment where entrepreneurship was more than just a buzzword, I found Marktlink to be the ideal fit, especially back in 2001 when I joined as the 9th employee.

Nurturing Growth and Innovation

At Marktlink, the essence lies in working with a team to assist entrepreneurs while fostering personal and professional growth. Witnessing young individuals evolve into exceptional dealmakers, proud of their progress and eager to mentor others, is what drives us. Outwardly, Marktlink embodies an enterprising spirit by speaking the language of entrepreneurs and providing innovative solutions. Over the years, we've focused on building a brand and leveraging data to better serve our clients. Looking ahead, our vision includes internationalization, aiming to capitalize on the evolving European market.

The Joys of Working with Entrepreneurs

The best part of my job is working with entrepreneurs, each project offering unique challenges and seeking opportunities for the best deal. My natural curiosity fuels my desire to understand different companies and people, allowing me to devise tailored solutions and negotiate deals effectively. If you're seeking a dynamic environment where teamwork and initiative thrive, Marktlink is the place to be. Here, you have the freedom to shape your career path while contributing to our collective growth and success.

Why Marktlink: A Can-Do Culture

Joining Marktlink means becoming part of a can-do culture where teamwork and enterprise are celebrated. Whether you're analytically strong or commercially savvy, Marktlink offers opportunities for growth and development. However, if you're not passionate about understanding SME entrepreneurs and their businesses, Marktlink may not be the right fit. Running a successful business with my friends at Marktlink feels like a dream come true, where every day presents new opportunities to create stories with entrepreneurs.