Tim van der Meer

'Entrepreneurs are like a clan... more willing than most to take (calculated) risks'
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As a Managing Partner at Marktlink, the role transcends the ordinary in the financial sector. Guiding owners and investors through M&A transactions to foster business growth is a profound privilege, coupled with immense satisfaction. We interviewed Tim van der Meer, one of our Managing Partner in the Netherlands to talk about his career journey, aspirations, and insights into working at Marktlink.

My career journey started with a mix of academic studies and a strong entrepreneurial drive. Straight out of school, I couln’t wait to jump into the professional world, and Marktlink seemed like the perfect fit. As one of the early birds within Marktlink, it marked the beginning of the still on-going chapter in my career. What drew me in was the genuine fascination for entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the firm. It felt like we had the opportunity to make a real difference in this segment of the M&A market.

The Core of Marktlink

At its core, Marktlink is all about entrepreneurship and the people behind it. It's about giving entrepreneurs access to top-notch investment banking services through a team of equally entrepreneurial professionals. Marktlink isn't just about making deals; it's about empowering entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and contribute to economic growth.

Finding Joy in Deals

What keeps me going every day is the chance to work alongside some incredibly talented folks on exciting deals for entrepreneurs. Building our M&A company across Europe with like-minded partners and colleagues has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. Over time, I've come to appreciate the impact of our positive, energetic and friendly team culture. It's what sets us apart and draws both clients and colleagues to Marktlink.

Why Marktlink?

For anyone in the M&A field dreaming of building their own practice, Marktlink offers a unique opportunity. As Europe’s largest M&A advisory firm and investment boutique, we feel we’re just getting started. We are looking for entrepreneurial dealmakers who want to continue to build on this position with us. Joining Marktlink means becoming part of an international group that's already successfully established numerous offices internationally. From day one, you'll be involved in building your team and working on international deals with your international co-partners, all while knowing that business development, HR, and finance are in good hands. Whether it's opening new offices or shaping the firm's future, Marktlink offers endless possibilities for growth and fulfilment.