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Prior to my master, I already had a little taste of the fast-paced world of Corporate Finance during my internship. So, after completing my master’s degree in Finance at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, I was determined to pursue a M&A career path. The decision for Marktlink was made rather quickly since I noted that they provide a great amount of development opportunities both personally and professionally. My experiences at the company have not been disappointing to this day.

Working at Marktlink means that you are given many responsibilities from the start, from analytical work to being the point of contact for passionate and motivated entrepreneurs. You are exposed to a wide variety of sectors/industries while every deal is also unique on its own. The nature of the work gives you the opportunity to develop a strong technical skill set while you simultaneously work on your soft skills. Skills of which I believe that I will benefit from in my further professional career.

What also defines Marktlink as a company is its warm culture despite the dynamic world that it is involved in. The bond between colleagues is very strong, which is made evident by the way we work: everyone works together as a team and is willing to go the extra mile for each other in order to come to a successful deal which often is a life changing moment for the entrepreneur. And naturally, we all celebrate this success together.