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Like my colleagues, I go for the best deals, but in this case, that means: for the best recruitment deals. I also start with a cup of coffee, and during the signing of a contract, the champagne is served. My conversation style is informal, so I’m particularly keen on having a conversation that we both gain something from. By nature I’m very curious and, when it comes to finances, you can probably tell me more than I can tell you. Like my colleagues, I go for the best deals, but in this case that means: for the best recruitment deals.

Of course, I ask candidates about their background and study choices, and what side jobs and internships they’ve had –  but also about their affinity with entrepreneurship and SMEs. In a first interview like that, I try to get to know candidates. Do I get a boost from talking with you? Can I already picture you walking around in one of our offices? Do you like sales as much as you like number-crunching?

So that we can invite the right candidates, we at Marktlink will often attend student events posted on LinkedIn and Through our collaborations with both universities and financially oriented study associations, we increase our brand awareness and are visible to our target group. Our hope in doing this is that we can convey our way of working in contradistinction to that of the Big 4.

Just like our consultants, I have a lot of freedom in my work. And from day one I was also given a lot of responsibility. That gives me plenty of room to quickly develop my potential. And I have the nicest colleagues – though now that I think about it, how could that not be so when I’m the one who helped select them…