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Being a Managing Partner at Marktlink isn’t quite like any other job in the financial sector. It’s an enormous privilege to guide owners and investors through the Mergers and Acquisitions transaction process and create deals that take a business forward and generate exceptional growth. It’s also a lot of fun. We spoke to four Managing Partners in our new offices across Europe about their careers, ambitions, values, and what it’s really like to work for Marktlink at the ‘coal face’.

Jesper Duelund is our Managing Partner in Copenhagen. What did you do before joining Marktlink, and what made you decide to make the move? "I’ve worked at two other M&A companies. Marktlink attracted me because of the opportunity to build up an M&A boutique from the ground up here in Denmark, as part of a well-respected company with values that I share." A perfect match You need an entrepreneurial mindset to work at Marktlink, with a clear vision, a nose for trends and upcoming markets, and a strong focus on achieving the best results. We see opportunities where others see challenges. How do the Managing Partners relate to this? What other values do they recognise both in themselves and in Marktlink?

How would you describe Marktlink as a company and how does that fit with your own core values and ambitions? "It's the down-to-earth mentality that I enjoy: no-nonsense, getting the job done while really enjoying our work. We get to work for the best entrepreneurs, help them with very important decisions, and make a personal connection with them. They’ve often spent years building up their company so deals can have an emotional edge. We work hard as a team, but everyone is respected for their unique abilities."

Building the team Being a Managing Partner means building up an office as well as a team, with a lot of managing and operational responsibilities on top of that. You’re expected to take the lead in the professional development of young consultants and teach them the tricks of the trade. The young consultants also contribute to the development of the team as a whole. How do our four Managing Partners deal with the all the different dynamics and personalities and create a single team?

What’s it like managing a team of young consultants, and what do you learn from them? "They inspire me with their enormous ambition and drive – so much energy, every single day. There’s just as keen to build up the company as I am, and just as willing to put in the hard work" Aligning personal and professional ambitions All our new offices outside the Netherlands are start-ups. But that doesn’t mean we can soft pedal -– business needs to get done every day. Our local presence in several European countries is what makes Marktlink unique. Which personal skills contribute to achieve our ambition to become the number one M&A office in Europe? What are the similarities between personal character and company culture that make our ideal Managing Partner so determined to support Marktlink’s growth ambitions? What are your future goals – both personal and with Marktlink? "Business growth and personal growth. But that’s basically the same thing. I want Marktlink to become a great Danish and Nordic M&A boutique with a cross-border edge. We have a great set-up, so we’re ready to make it happen."

A way of life 'Work hard, play hard' is one of our core values. But how does that relate to the day-to-day job of our Managing Partners? We are well known for our personal approach to the entrepreneur, but how does this relate to the daily job and teamwork? We always take time to celebrate our successes and to spend informal time together after work.

"Although we work hard, there’s always time for a laugh or a chat. We often socialise as a team, to celebrate our successes. It proves you can be a  small office in Denmark as well as part of a big company with many nationalities and a fantastic spirit."

Why would you most recommend working at Marktlink as a managing partner? "As well as deal-making, you get to build up a tangible business from scratch. It’s up to you to create your own team and nurture young talent, but with the full support of a great organisation in the Netherlands. It’s a perfect combination: being an entrepreneur and having colleagues around you for support. Marktlink always has your back."

Your journey starts here ...

If become a Managing Partner sounds like a journey you’d like to take, please get in touch with Petra Wijnholds.