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After completing my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business and my master’s degree in Corporate Finance at the University of Amsterdam, I knew for sure I wanted to pursue a career in M&A. I loved (and love!) the fact that this field combines social, commercial and financial skills. This confirmed that the Big4 is not for me, hearing stories about how in the first few years you only work on a small part of the process and the focus is mostly on support and analytical work. I chose to do my internship at Pointer CF, a corporate finance boutique, and enjoyed working there for 1,5 years after my internship. After a great educational start of my career, it was a perfect moment to make the move towards Marktlink.

For me, Marktlink is the best of both worlds: being able to work on deals from beginning to end and having great responsibility from the start of your career in a boutique, while also having an extensive and international network, varied knowledge and expertise and most importantly: great career possibilities. After just a year, I have worked with different managers and partners, all of whom have their own styles, which makes for a very steep learning curve. Another advantage of Marktlink is that we do deals in all sectors. Each deal comes with its own fun aspects and challenges and, of course, passionate entrepreneurs whom we help to sell their life’s work. I am confident all of this will help me achieve my goal of becoming a partner.

After working for Marktlink for a year I can say that its company culture is one that suits me very well: informal and fun, with a lot of great parties! Work before play applies here, but there’s always time for excellent well-organised parties. Lastly, maybe the best aspect of Marktlink is the warm and friendly bond that colleagues have with each other, even between different (international) offices, which reflects in the way we work together.