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A unique M&A experience abroad

In the next 3 to 5 years, Marktlink aspires to become the go-to M&A specialist in Europe for entrepreneurs in the upper SME segment. That means more growth: attracting the talents of the future ánd opening new offices throughout Europe. It offers our consultants the opportunity to gain international M&A experience thanks to the International Assignment Programme.

The exchange programme is a new addition to the elaborate career path we offer our consultants. It is a unique opportunity to gain international M&A experience for 3 to 6 months and contribute to the start-up of our new offices. Our colleagues do so by fully participating in projects and building relationships with the team and potential clients. A splendid side effect is a new way of doing business, and connections between all Marktlink offices throughout Europe.

Independent and passionate Our ideal candidate for an adventure abroad has been with Marktlink as a consultant for at least 9 months and 2 years at most. Other essential competencies are independence, initiative and a proactive attitude. At Marktlink, we take care of each other, and this exchange is no exception. We offer practical support where accommodation and legal matters are concerned but encourage self-reliance and passion as well. In addition, we believe it is important that the home front supports this choice.

Marktlink is proud to be able to offer this programme. We feel that our young consultants deserve this unforgettable experience, both personally and professionally. It fits right into Marktlink’s international character and on top of that, this cross-pollination enhances our collective Marktlink DNA. A temporary extra pair of hands at a new office ensures a solid foundation and makes sure we can swiftly shift our focus to what we are good at: supporting local SME entrepreneurs in their M&A issues.

Set off on an adventure At the end of 2021, Sven Hissink was the first participant in the International Assignment Programme. During six months, he helped managing partner Jesper Fogh Duelund in every aspect of starting up Marktlink Copenhagen. Youri Livius got the opportunity to assist Jonathon Parkinson, managing partner in Manchester. Wilmar van der Meulen got the chance to go to Copenhagen for six months, where he joined the Danish team with managing partner Jesper Fogh Dueland. In the near future, there will definitely be new opportunities at our current or new offices. Do you want to set off on this international M&A adventure?

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