Marktlink opens its 12th office in Zürich, Switzerland

We are pleased to welcome Marc Reinhardt as Managing Partner for our office in Zürich. With this move, we now inaugurate our 12th office in Europe, strengthening our position in the DACH region with our three existing offices in Germany. The expansion into Switzerland enriches our network with an economically robust location.

Switzerland is rightly regarded as one of the hubs of the international economy; therefore, expanding into this economic centre is a logical step. This is especially true because a significant part of the country’s economic strength is owed to smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

A unique business landscape

The reasons for the tremendous success of the Swiss middle class are clear: a stable economy, a robust financial sector, the country’s attractiveness to skilled workers, a spirit of innovation and an excellent infrastructure. Additionally, Switzerland is in the unique position of having trade relations with both the EU and the rest of the world.

The European M&A market has become more integrated. Transactions across borders are becoming increasingly commonplace. With Zürich as a location, we can support entrepreneurs locally in seizing opportunities in Switzerland and beyond its borders. Our offices in six countries maintain constant communication and are globally well-connected with buyers, sellers and investors.

“The expansion into Switzerland is a logical step for Marktlink. Now, we can not only assist Swiss entrepreneurs with our international expertise in transactions, but it also opens up new opportunities for our existing locations to support transactions in Switzerland. We are pleased to have gained Marc Reinhardt, an experienced and successful dealmaker with 17 years of M&A experience in Switzerland,” says Tim van der Meer, Managing Partner and responsible for international development.

A generational shift is coming

As in the rest of Europe, many entrepreneurs are considering passing on their businesses to the next generation. Over half of the Swiss population is over 40 years old. “Succession planning will gain significantly in importance in the near future. And therein lie opportunities: young entrepreneurs can take over solid businesses, and many long-established companies will benefit from the generational shift,” notes Marc Reinhardt. “I think there is much to be done. The next generation of entrepreneurs is ready to go, and we are ready to help them reach their goals.”

No room for pessimism

One might assume that past crises have weighing down the M&A market sentiment, but quite the opposite is true. Buyers have more capital at their disposal than ever. Experts predict a notable increase in acquisitions compared to the previous year, especially across international borders. “The market is currently teeming with opportunities just waiting to be seized,” believes Marc Reinhardt. “Recognising these opportunities is one of Marktlink’s strengths. It’s why we’ve become the largest M&A house in Europe since 1996. And our growth trajectory remains firmly on track.”

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