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My name is Lisanne Hermeler and I am a working student at Marktlink as I’m currently studying International Business & Entrepreneurship at Eurocollege. I have now been part of the marketing team for over six months and it has been a highly enriching experience for me.

I had the opportunity to join Marktlink as a marketing intern in June 2022. My first encounter with Marktlink was in 2020, when I visited the Deventer office with my then-internship supervisor. I was immediately impressed by the company and made it my goal to complete my final internship at this company.

My first day at Marktlink began on the 7th of June, when I met the members of the marketing team and my colleagues at the Deventer office. I was warmly welcomed by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and professional colleagues, which made me feel right at home. Additionally, during my first week, I was able to participate in the onboarding program which allowed me to familiarise myself with colleagues from all offices and gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's activities.

Furthermore, during my first month, I had the opportunity to attend the Marktlink summer party, which proved to be an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from both Dutch and international locations and kick off the start of my work with the company in a festive manner. This first month also provided me with the chance to fully integrate into the team and gain a clear understanding of Marktlink's values and mission.

Throughout the six-month internship, I was able to participate in a variety of diverse projects, which allowed me to gain a wide range of experiences in the fields of marketing and events. Some of the activities I was involved in include assisting in the organisation of Marktlink Connect at the Dutch Grand Prix, the Marktlink Experience and the launch of a new Belgian magazine.