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When finishing my master’s degree in Finance at the University of Groningen (back in 2021), I quite clearly had a career inM&A in mind. The idea of helping entrepreneurs throughout a buy-side or sell-side process spoke to me. As an active member of a student association, I had been in contact with several M&A boutiques, as well as the well-known big four. Naturally, I got familiar with Marktlink in the same manner. The company immediately stood out to me for the down-to-earth and entrepreneurial-minded people. Besides, the regional presence of Marktlink attracted me and allowed me to stay in Groningen while working at a renowned M&A company at its office in Drachten.

The amount of responsibility you get at Marktlink from day one is something that has always amazed me and has created some great memories already. For instance, during my first month at the company I had my first client meeting where I got to present an information memorandum a colleague and I had made. The owners looked at me shocked and frightened when I told them that I had been employed just a few weeks ago and that, under the supervision of an experienced partner, I would be responsible for the sale of their company. Over the course of this challenging sell-side process, the owners grew more and more fond of me and were impressed by the visible growth I went through in my first months at the company. Last September we had a closing dinner to celebrate the successful sale of the firm. At the end of this dinner, the now former owners, gave me a hug and expressed their gratitude for all the support they got from us during the project. 

After spending over a year at the office in Drachten, Marktlink gave me the opportunity to help out Managing Partner Jesper Fogh Duelund and his team Mads Dalsgaard Yrfelt and Christian Arndt in setting up shop in the Nordics. So, at the beginning of October I moved to Copenhagen to support the team in making Marktlink a household name in the Danish SME M&A market – as it is in the Netherlands.

The opportunity to move abroad for an international M&A assignment, next to all the responsibility you get right from the start of your career, is unique and makes Marktlink an outstanding employer in my opinion. I am truly proud to be part of the Marktlink family, where we celebrate and battle through all the highs and lows M&A processes throw at us.