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As a junior consultant you do not work in a permanent team, you are part of a group. This way you work for multiple dealmakers and projects at the same time. I would like to give you an idea of ​​what my week as a junior consultant actually looks like. The week starts on Monday morning with an inventory of what needs to be done that week. There are anyway two appointments on the agenda this week. On Wednesday, I and the deal team (partner, consultant and myself) meet a potential buyer for a company that supports Marktlink during their sale. In addition, I have a discussion of the information memorandum on a Thursday for another trajectory. I will also approach this week for a purchase process. On Tuesday I start approaching the market for the company that wants to grow through acquisition. I approach this on the basis of a list that you drew up last week with another consultant from the deal team. Our client has seen and assessed the list and has indicated which parties I may approach. I go through the whole list and make sure I keep all the information obtained in the CRM system. On Wednesday morning all junior consultants from Deventer, my place of work, come together to discuss. In these consultations we discuss all projects together, explain what we encounter and see who has the opportunity to help with new projects. On Thursday afternoon, the customers of sales trajectory 2 will come to discuss the information memorandum, so in the morning we discuss the questions and comments that we have for the customer with the deal team. The rest of the day I am busy approaching for the purchase process and calling entrepreneurs I was unable to reach on Tuesday. Friday will be devoted to updating the action points that have emerged from the agreements and the approaches. This also lays the foundation for what I can work on next week. Before I know it, it's already Friday afternoon and that can only mean one thing: off to the bar and start with that Friday afternoon drink.