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Life at Marktlink.

'Marktlink unlocks the maximum potential of their employees'

'Getting the opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally'

'Responsibility and freedom from the very beginning.'

'Trading the big 4 for Marktlink'

'A workweek as a Junior Consultant'

'Marktlink is one of the best employers I’ve ever worked for.'

'The amount of responsibility you get is something that has always amazed me'

'We personally get to contribute to the development of our local culture and to the general business development.'

'Not sitting behind a desk for a year'

International Assignment at Marktlink Manchester

'We guide our client from coffee to champagne'

'It is an amazing opportunity to be part of defining the Marktlink culture in a Nordic context'

'It's addictive'

'The perfect match'

'My first month at Marktlink'

'Marktlinkers are enterprising people'

'Be creative and come up with new solutions every deal'

'You are dealing with involved entrepreneurs'

'The growth path proven'

'I go for the best recruitment deals'

'A valuable internship at Marktlink Antwerp'

'Characterization is cooperation and involvement'

I was warmly welcomed by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and professional colleagues, which made me feel right at home.

After working for Marktlink for a year I can say that its company culture is one that suits me very well