Gå til Indhold

I am Rachel Lourens and I started working as a proofreader for Marktlink in February 2022. I studied Fashion and Textile Technologies; can you believe it? After graduation, I started my own fashion brand to design and develop clothes for women with a visual impairment. Because I wanted variety in my workweek, I looked for a part-time job outside of fashion. By chance, I stumbled on Marktlink’s proofreader job vacancy. I have always been good at languages and have a keen eye for spelling and grammatical errors, so I took a leap of faith and applied. Three weeks later I was signing my contract at our office in Deventer.

 Working at Marktlink, I have not only learned a lot about the M&A world –  which was completely new to me –  but also learned to translate articles and reports from English to Dutch and from Dutch to English, using the correct terminology. I love my job because it allows me to help our consultants deliver professional reports to our clients – and I get to be the lady with the red pencil (and get paid for it!).

Marktlink is one of the best employers I’ve ever worked for. For Marktlink, its employees are just as important as its turnover and this is noticeable in everything. Mental health and a good work-life balance get serious attention; stemming from the idea that if you are healthy, your work will thrive. What is special about Marktlink is that it promotes entrepreneurship, we’re not only working for entrepreneurs, but some of us also are entrepreneurs; this makes me feel right at home.

 At Marktlink, ‘work hard, play hard’ definitely applies. Each year we get together for magnificent parties: fireworks? Got it. Live music? Of course. Over 175 colleagues to dance the night away with? Welcome to Marktlink!