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At the end of 2018 I became part of the Amsterdam office of Marktlink. Before that, I gained experience at one of the Big 4 offices, namely EY. The move to Marktlink was well-considered for me. Despite the fact that I worked with driven and intelligent people, I had less affinity with the formal working atmosphere and the layering in projects. From my starting role at EY, I was looking for more dynamics in the work and personal contact with the entrepreneur. As a starter within a Big 4 office you are logically a limited part of the process and in the first years the focus is mainly on supporting and analytical work. Of course there are many people who enjoy working there, but my ambition lay elsewhere. I would like to be involved in dealmaking in a pragmatic way and carry out all the different activities. From my personal network I came into contact with one of the managers of Marktlink, and this person painted a completely different picture for me in terms of possibilities. At Marktlink, for example, as a consultant you can already take on 2/3 responsibilities that are only discussed at director level with a Big 4. That appealed to me in Marktlink and I am very happy about that.

Challenges, different forms of entrepreneurship and people with a good story give me energy. In addition to these responsibilities, the personal and commercial approach also appeals to me. I am directly in the lead with clients and responsible for my own success within Marktlink. Determining how fast you go is perhaps best at Marktlink. I help entrepreneurs achieve their goals on a daily basis in perhaps the most intense and important period during entrepreneurship. I am an important part of the process and immediately notice the impact and added value of my qualities. Add to that the fact that all my colleagues carry out the profession with enormous pride and passion, and I think you have one of the nicest employers in M&A.

Hesse van der Werk studied Finance at the University of Amsterdam and built up several years of work experience in the transaction practice before making the move to Marktlink. At the end of 2018 he started as a 'lateral entrant'.

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