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After completing my master’s in Finance at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the choice to press on within the field of mergers and acquisitions was a cinch: it’s a fast-paced and interesting world, and even as I was still doing my studies I became really keen on it. When I came across Marktlink, I didn’t have to think long before deciding that this was where I wanted to be. It’s a dynamic and fast-growing business that’s focused on SMEs and that has an informal corporate culture. The unique thing about it is that, from the moment you come on board, you’re given a lot of responsibility, and you collaborate with everyone involved in all parts of a deal, from A to Z. As a result, in addition to the analytical work you do, you’re also in close contact with the customer. This is the perfect opportunity to develop your potential and grow rapidly within your professional career. The onboarding programme After a fun but intensive application process, on Monday, 13 August, it was time to start the onboarding programme at Marktlink. Because the company had four locations in different parts of the Netherlands when I started – Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Deventer and Gouda – I visited all four within the first week to meet my new colleagues.

In addition, this programme introduces you to all facets of the activities within Marktlink, with assignments related to previous deals. This immediately puts you on your toes and gives you a good feel for your day-to-day work. Every day a different part of the programme is discussed, each time by one of your new colleagues. And right away you notice how enthusiastic and professional they are when it comes to their fields of expertise.

During this mini-tour of the Netherlands, I got a clear picture of the organisation – and my expectations were met in full. At all four locations, I was welcomed by enthusiastic professionals who work with passion and drive in mergers and acquisitions. Marktlink is a dynamic company, and you see this right away: people like to help each other, and everyone goes that extra mile to bring about a successful deal. And of course, we all celebrate this success together.