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During my Master Sustainable Finance at Maastricht University, I figured out and developed my interest in Corporate Finance. While I was still finishing my master's programme, I already put my mind to the field of mergers and acquisitions by reading and learning about it. Applying for a job in M&A was a logical step for me. Marktlink explicitly mentions its interest in the soft skills of an applicant, besides of course, financial knowledge. This culture and vision appealed to me, so without thinking twice, I applied for the Junior Consultant position. During the application process, I felt that the culture at Marktlink was the right fit for me.

From the beginning, you are given multiple responsibilities. In my first week, I already joined a meeting. Already, clients are looking to me as the person to call in case they have questions. We work with small and committed deal teams to guide a client from the beginning to the end or from ‘coffee to champagne’ as we say :). Because a project takes about 9-12 months and because it is an intensive period, I get to know my client.

At Marktlink you are provided with multiple training sessions to turn you into a real dealmaker. These sessions are very useful when it comes to client meetings and conversations. Furthermore, I have learned how to make appealing reports, in which the commercial aspects and skills come forward. Colleagues are very helpful as well, and the idea is for the more experienced consultants and managers to guide the Juniors. Because we work most days at the office, this idea works in practice which makes it easy for the Juniors to ask their questions, to create a steep learning curve.

I wish to become a manager in a few years. When I am a manager, I plan to create a portfolio with SMEs that focus on ESG, those that are taking ESG into account in their business operations, or to be in close contact with PEs that take ESG into account in their investment strategy. While ESG is already a top priority at the big corporates, I believe recognition of ESG consideration can be increased in the SME market. These improvements can happen in different ways. A more sustainable business will also be priced higher in the market, and therefore, I see this as a win-win situation.

To all enthusiastic people considering a job in M&A, apply at Marktlink! Besides the awesome projects and assignments that turn you into a real Dealmaker, you will join an amazing and still growing team. We are an enthusiastic group, with passion for our job. This makes Marktlink a dynamic organisation, that gives you space and opportunity to further develop your interests, with colleagues that are always happy to help each other.