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Youris' international experience at Marktlink Manchester

“Marktlink’s International Assignment Program was the perfect opportunity to go abroad. During my studies – I have a bachelor's degree in economics and a master's degree in finance – I had international ambitions, but Covid interfered. I am really glad to get this opportunity now. My international adventure looks good on my CV  and gives me the opportunity to gain new experiences in another country.” 

“One of my tasks here is to convey the Marktlink culture to the new office in Manchester, which opened in February of 2022.  Besides that, I add value by taking full advantage of Marktlink’s international network. For example, I currently focus on European investors looking to invest in UK companies or investors from the UK wanting to invest in European companies. In my first three months here, I have already had a lot of interesting conversations and even secured our first client.  

 “Marktlink has had a leading position in the Dutch M&A market for many years; that is quite different here in the UK. Jonny Parkinson, managing partner, sees opportunities everywhere; that is inspiring to me, and to the UK team. To be able to be a part of this international growth at this point in my career is very valuable.  

 “What characterises Marktlink is that you can voice your ambitions and ideas, even as a young consultant. This is how I got to Manchester; after I had a very positive conversation with Jonny. Once I was a part of the UK team, I noticed that there are more cultural differences here than I expected. This is, however, exactly the strength of Marktlink’s international offices. We are the ideal stepping stone to new markets for European parties with cross-border ambitions.” 

 “The British are very approachable and interested in new people, so I have built my own social circle here. I have also invested in this myself by joining several sports clubs. In the apartment building where I live, plenty of things are being organised for the residents. It was actually not that hard to meet new people here.” 

 “Of course, I miss the people at home too. Luckily – if you look hard enough – plane tickets are not that expensive, so my girlfriend and I can still visit each other regularly. My friends were all in Manchester recently, and I have shown my Dutch colleagues all the best parts of the city. Now that I almost feel like a local in Manchester, it’s time to explore the surrounding areas. Scotland and Ireland, among others, are on my list!” 

 “Still, I’m also looking forward to returning to the Netherlands. Six months in Manchester is a perfect period of time to make an impact. But for my personal career, building my own network in the Netherlands is also important. With all that I’ve learned here in Manchester and the international contacts I have made, it would be nice to support more entrepreneurs in cross-border transactions soon.”