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The combination of being outgoing and internationally focused with a desire to work with multiple businesses has led me to pursue a career in consultancy. Hence, prior to starting at Marktlink, I worked two years as a consultant in corporate treasury after finishing my master’s degree in Applied Economics and Finance at Copenhagen Business School in 2020.  

Having been told great things about Marktlink and its culture by a Dutch Marktlink consultant whom I met on exchange in Shanghai, it was an opportunity not to be missed when it was announced that Marktlink was expanding into Denmark with a new office in Copenhagen. Working with entrepreneurs and deep diving into many fascinating companies while utilizing my profound interest in corporate finance sounded like a great combination.

Being five months into my journey at Marktlink, I can definitely say it has not been disappointing! Marktlink offers a great deal of involvement and responsibility from the very beginning, and you get to be part of every single step of each deal – from the first client meeting to the closing celebrations. Moreover, not only get you to build up relationships with founders of various businesses, but you also get to apply your analytical competencies when conducting industry analyzes and corporate valuations.

Additionally, one of the most exciting things about being part of a newly established office is that even as consultants we personally get to contribute to the development of our local culture and to the general business development. 

At Marktlink, we work hard, and we play hard. It is a great organization to be part of if you enjoy M&A and further wish to unfold your own entrepreneurial spirit while having a good time with great colleagues. Even as we are located in various offices in several countries, we are still founded on the same core values and are often having a great time together at amazing events such as skiing trips, summer parties and the like.