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I did my master’s in Finance and Investments at Erasmus University, and have been working at Marktlink as a consultant since 2014, in 2017 I made the step to become a manager. The active disposition everyone has typifies Marktlink: we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for opportunities and pragmatic solutions. What makes working for Marktlink really interesting for me is the substantive element– analyses, calculations, contracts, and so on– combined with being able to deal with a lot of SMEs and entrepreneurs. This variety is great, and you get to work with entrepreneurs who are really engaged in running their companies, unlike directors or managers at large companies, for instance, who don’t really have a stake in the company they work for beyond the job they do.

In addition, you can get involved in all aspects of deals: you’re quickly assigned responsibilities, and that gives a huge boost to your personal development.

By far the best moment comes when the deal is finalised at the notary’s – and right up there for me was the first transaction I completed under my own steam: the sale of Ton van Leeuwen Snijwerken B.V.

Jelmer started out as a Junior Consultant in 2014 but is now an independent deal maker.