Gå til Indhold

After my bachelor’s in Sports, Management and  Entrepreneurship at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I did my master’s in Financial Management at Nyenrode Business University in 2016. At the beginning of 2017, I started at Marktlink, which I chose primarily because of the opening it offered to the mergers-and-acquisitions profession. Daily contact with motivated and passionate entrepreneurs, serving as a sparring partner, and especially the spirit of cooperation in entrepreneurship – that’s what inspires me every day. I’m really pleased with the choice I’ve made. Marktlink gives me the opportunity to grow: every day I learn new things that make me more and more effective as a mergers-and-acquisitions consultant. In addition, Marktlink gives you many responsibilities right from the start, and you get to dive right into the entire process of buying and selling. This means that, from the very beginning, you can provide a lot of added value within the company.

I get such a buzz from calling an entrepreneur during a purchase process and asking them whether they’d be open to selling all of part of their company. You can really get some entrepreneurs thinking, and before you know it you’re sitting down with them to discuss the sale of their business. You’re actually creating something from scratch, and you might even end up buying their company.

Something else that is also really Marktlink: the bonds between colleagues and partners are really quite strong. You really work as one team, and everyone tries to help and support one another however they can. I have great memories of our ski trip with the whole company to St. Anton. From the start, I felt as if I was away for a long weekend with a group of friends and not just with colleagues.