Gå til Indhold

I had my first contacts with the M&A market when I started at a marketing/sales department of a management consultancy firm. After a job change, where I got the opportunity to build up a company, the idea of M&A didn't let go of me. I started my master's degree in corporate law/M&A alongside my job during the Corona pandemic. After some time, I became aware of a Marktlink Düsseldorf. A relatively young company in Germany with a strong Dutch background, which wants to integrate quickly into the German market.

The activities are exactly what I imagined and, not to be sneezed at, the open and warm mentality! We are responsible on a day-to-day basis for bringing companies together and generating the "perfect match." Timing and subtleties are often crucial here. Through the project business, you also learn a lot about different products, industries and visions, which is very exciting for me personally. 

My best memory? A successful deal is naturally the highlight of any project for any M&A professional. Beyond that, for me, simply the experience at Marktlink is great. This informality from day one is hard to find in this industry and also in Germany.

 Marktlink is a family and a supportive company. In its own way, our young team manages to use the freedoms and move the company forward together. Marktlink is a great place to learn. A conscious decision was made here to develop and train the employees. In addition, it is important for the company to give something back to the employees, apart from the financial aspect, and thus to value the employees.