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I studied Business Administration at Nyenrode Business University. After a number of years of working at Cargill, I made the switch to Marktlink in 2007. Why? Because even then it was already an important player in the Dutch acquisitions market. I thought it would be a nice enterprising outfit where I could shoulder a good deal of personal responsibility. At Marktlink you’re in touch every day with entrepreneurs, who help you buy, sell and build companies. You offer a solution for the continuity of the company and all of its stakeholders, on both the buying and the selling sides. As a specialist, we can be of considerable help to entrepreneurs as they move through a process that is very important to them and that most of them go through only once in their lives –  always in different markets and with different motives. So it’s always a little different.

Marktlinkers are enterprising people who always go the extra mile to get the result. With all our gusto, we invariably aim to go beyond expectations. We enjoy not only the work we do, but also the time we spend with each other, for example on our group ski trips.