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After studying Sports Management and Entrepreneurship at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences from 2007 to 2011, and then taking a master’s in Financial Management at Nyenrode Business University from 2012 to 2014, I started at Marktlink in April 2014.

What attracted me to the company was the young and dynamic team I would be part of, the commercial and financial side of the work, and the fact that I would not first have to sit behind a desk for a year but would be fully involved in all projects from the get-go. And Marktlink did not disappoint me one bit.

It’s a young company, made up of commercially oriented people who have a financial background. The atmosphere is informal, with a lot of freedom in your work: go full throttle when you have to, and take your foot off the pedal when you can.

Every day you come into contact with successful SME entrepreneurs, to whom you offer solutions to one and another issue around buying and selling. You get a real kick out of creating something from scratch by bringing the two sides – buyers and sellers – together. The euphoria around closing a process, with all the feelings that the buyer and seller alike express, is really something. And after all, that’s why we’re here.

Jeffrey started in 2014 as a junior consultant at Marktlink. In January 2019, he was appointed as an independent manager. Would you like to know more about your career path within Marktlink? Click here.

Would you like to start as a junior consultant just like Jeffrey, and evolve into an independent dealmaker? Check out our latest openings. 

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