At Marktlink, it’s all about our people. That’s why mutual appreciation and cooperation, based on partnership, are the hallmarks of our corporate culture. From day one, everyone who works for us is part of a dedicated and inspiring environment where they feel part of the family. For example, in the week before they start with us, everyone goes through a personalised onboarding programme with us. Every individual makes an important contribution to our success. We can make this happen because everyone works so well together, both in-house and with our clients. Working at Marktlink is, therefore, a way of life.

The mergers-and-acquisitions specialist for entrepreneurs in the SME sector

As a specialist in mergers and acquisitions in the SME sector, we are the link with the market. Everyone is extremely eager to learn and is genuinely interested in the world of the entrepreneur. Employees are involved in the entire process from day one and have an impact on the result. In addition to a solid financial and analytical background, this also means gumption and fortitude, strong communication skills and a genuine willingness to listen are an important part of the skill-set of our employees.

Marktlink’s core values

We believe it is important for our employees to feel involved with Marktlink, its customers, and their colleagues. We offer an inspiring working environment where employees can put their zeal for their work to good use and share it with their colleagues. Our employees are full of enthusiasm: they want to give everything they do their best, not only for the customer but also for themselves. To make this possible, we are continually investing in the personal development of our people.

Involved | Enthusiastic | Reliable | Passion | Results


Marktlink is an independent consultancy firm that assists entrepreneurs with mergers, acquisitions, valuations, financing, restructurings, succession issues, and buyouts and buy-ins. To this end, we have all the specialisations we need on hand so we can take care of the entire process, from initial orientation to the transfer at the notary, in a professional and expert way. Marktlink offers guidance on, and assists with, approximately 80 transactions each year, and focuses on the SME segment in all sectors. It has been active in this field since 1996 and has since grown into one of the largest independent consultancy firms in this market. We operate in the Netherlands from our offices in Amsterdam, Deventer, Drachten, Gouda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. And with our offices in Antwerp, Belgium, and Düsseldorf, Germany, we also have an international presence.

Marktlink was founded in 1996 by actual entrepreneurs. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016.

Marktlink has seven offices: five in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Deventer, Drachten, Gouda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch), one in Antwerp, and one in Düsseldorf.

The number of Marktlinkers continues to grow. We’re currently at 80 members and rapidly heading towards 100.

Marktlink is an independent mergers-and-acquisitions advisor specialising in small and medium-sized enterprises.

From industry to healthcare and from wholesalers to outsourcing. Marktlink counts entrepreneurs from all sectors among its customers.

Marktlink supervises transactions valued at anywhere from 1 to 250 million euro. Of course, these are the outliers. The value of most transactions is from 2 to 50 million euro.

Marktlink nowadays advises entrepreneurs on approximately 80 transactions a year. That means that, with more than 20 years of experience under our belts, we have successfully concluded more than 500 transactions.

What gets us up in the morning

In addition to providing daily guidance and advice to passionate SME entrepreneurs during perhaps the most exciting period of their career, there are many other things we enjoy about working at Marktlink. Below is a small selection of our favourites.

Team Power

At Marktlink, we celebrate our successes together. You work on each project as part of a close-knit deal team, you support each other, and you pop the corks when the whole thing is done and dusted.

Office and tech

In addition to workplaces in bright, modern offices, Marktlink also ensures that you have state-of-the-art equipment to get your work done. That includes a company laptop, a mobile phone, and a company car. What more could you ask for?


Fresh fruit is always available, and at lunch, which we eat together, we enjoy delicious, fresh, healthy ingredients. But we also like a nice snack at the right moment. And apple pie – we will never say no to that.

Work hard, play hard

Together we get the best results for our clients. And we also celebrate our successes. For instance, there’s our end-of-year gala, winter sports with all colleagues, a lot of get-togethers for drinks (not only on Friday afternoons), and outings with everyone in your office or the entire company.