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Henning Kürbis is our managing partner in Hamburg.

What professional experiences did you have before joining Marktlink, and what motivated the switch?  Prior to joining Marktlink, I accumulated 39 years of experience in the finance sector. During my 16 years in corporate banking, I developed skills in handling complex financial transactions and building relationships with corporate clients. Additionally, I spent 23 years specializing in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, navigating international business landscapes.  

The decision to switch to Marktlink was driven by a desire for new challenges and opportunities. Marktlink's dynamic and forward-thinking reputation caught my attention, leading me to embrace the role of Managing Partner. 


How did you come into contact with Marktlink, and what were your initial impressions that led you to consider a position as a Managing Partner? 

I was approached by a head-hunter who recognized my skills and experience as a valuable asset for Marktlink. As I researched the company, I was drawn to its vibrant energy and ambitious goals. The enthusiasm and determination displayed by the team resonated with me, sparking my interest and motivating me to pursue the role of Managing Partner. 


To what extent do your personal values and ambitions align with Marktlink's core values? 

My personal values of teamwork and appreciation align well with Marktlink's core values. The collaborative spirit and mutual respect I have witnessed within the organization strongly resonate with my own beliefs. This alignment creates an environment that thrives on unity, shared goals, and a commitment to excellence. 


Establishing a new office within a company that already has over 200 colleagues can present unique challenges. Can you provide some examples of content-related and process-related hurdles you have encountered? 

When establishing a new office, the main challenges often arise from external factors rather than within Marktlink itself. Navigating the intricacies of the labour market and the legal barriers associated with starting a business in Germany pose significant hurdles. Attracting top talent while adhering to legal and regulatory requirements requires meticulous planning and strategic execution. Marktlink has been a reliable source of support throughout this process, providing valuable guidance and resources to overcome these obstacles. 


Leading a team of (young) consultants can be an enriching experience. What valuable insights and lessons have you gained from leading this team? 

Leading a team of dynamic consultants has been immensely fulfilling. It has provided an opportunity to nurture talent and foster a thriving professional environment. Interacting with driven individuals who share Marktlink's vision has reinforced the importance of collaboration, continuous learning, and unwavering dedication. Through this leadership experience, I have come to appreciate the profound impact effective mentorship, guidance, and empowerment can have on shaping the careers and future successes of talented professionals. 


How do you envision your future role as a Managing Partner at Marktlink, and what specific goals have you set for yourself? 

As a Managing Partner at Marktlink, I have clear goals for the future. Achieving expansion relies on building a strong team in Hamburg and developing capable leaders for long-term support. By fostering a culture of excellence, nurturing talent, and cultivating robust partnerships, I aim to create a thriving network of Marktlink offices that contribute to collective growth and success.   

Why would you recommend a role as a Managing Partner at Marktlink to others? 

I highly recommend the role of Managing Partner at Marktlink due to the enriching experience and sense of success it offers. Marktlink operates as a supportive community where all individuals' contributions are valued. The collaborative exchange and knowledge sharing foster a stimulating and innovative environment. As a Managing Partner, you have the opportunity to lead, inspire, and collaborate with exceptional professionals who share a common vision and ambition. The collective effort, combined with the company's unwavering support, paves the way for remarkable achievements and personal growth. 


Is there anything else you would like to mention or add to this interview? 

I want to express my gratitude for the decision to join Marktlink. The collaborative and dynamic nature of our work has surpassed my expectations. Building something meaningful together, with each step bringing us closer to our shared goals, has been truly enjoyable. The support and camaraderie within the Marktlink community have made this experience even more fulfilling. I am genuinely excited about the future and the continued growth and success of Marktlink.